Welcome to Mihai's News for 2001!

December  3,  2001 The presentation I gave to Gary Toth from ONR during the on-site visit for the WiSA project is now online. Check it out on the Presentations / Talks page.
November  26,  2001 I finally fixed the header on each page, to include links to the previous pages in the hierarchy. This page is the top of the hierarchy, so it does not have any links. But visit any other page on my site, and use the page header to come back. Let me know at mihai@cs.wisc.edu if you encounter any problems.
November  22,  2001 There is a new page that lists summaries for the research papers I get my hands on. I use it mostly for reference. Take a look at it here.
November  3,  2001 I updated the Personal Projects to include information about xmove, as well as some stuff about automatic subtyping.
October  2,  2001 Well, well! It's been two whole years since I have last updated this page. Various other pages were updated in the mean time, but by just looking at this page, you would not know it! Let's have a quick run through the updates:
  • I updated my resume to included the period I worked at Yodlee (http://www.yodlee.com). Read the new, improved, and up-to-date resume .
  • I am back in school (at the Computer Sciences department of University of Wisconsin, Madison - http://www.cs.wisc.edu) to complete my Ph.D. I am working with professor Somesh Jha (http://www.cs.wisc.edu/~jha) on the WiSA project (Wisconsin Safety Analyzer). View my page about the project .
  • Related to WiSA, I started looking into information flow, and its applications to security modeling and verification. There is a lot of literature in this area, and I have a list of papers that I read or plan to read, that are considered significant to the field. This page will grow as I delve deeper into the information flow archives. Well, take a look at my information flow reference . If you know of papers that should be listed there as relevant, please let me know at mihai@cs.wisc.edu and I will read and add them to the list. Thanks.
That's it for today.

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